At our agency, we provide opportunities for those seeking positions as butlers, couples, estate managers, drivers, personal assistants, caretakers, major domos, chefs, nannies, and housekeepers. Apply today!

If you would like to apply for any of these positions or be entered into our employee database, please fill out our Santa Barbara Estate Staffing Employment Application.

Along with the completed application, please send a current resume, picture (upload or emailed, not faxed), letters of recommendation and any certificates. Please upload, email us, or fax to 949-548-8789.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Domestic Experience

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I hereby certify that the answers and other information on this application are true and correct and that I understand any misrepresentation or omission of facts on my part will be justification for separation from the company’s service, if employed. I understand that my employment may be contingent upon receipt of an alien registration number, verification of birth, and any other pertinent information bearing upon my employment, and that my continued employment depends upon the will of the company or myself. I authorize and understand that a criminal background check may be ordered and that any negative information discovered may or may not be the sole reason for denial of employment.

Check box below to agree *

1. Applicant wishes the Agency (CES) to help find a position as a domestic worker or other household classification.

2. The applicant certifies those answers to all questions on the employment application are true and correct, and that all information given to our consultant is accurate as stated on the application or when interviewed at the agency.

3. As consideration for Agency’s help in finding a position for applicant, applicant agrees that they will immediately inform the agency that they have been offered employment by a client referred by agency.

4. Applicant agrees to return Agency’s calls promptly.

5. Applicant agrees to inform agency when they have registered or accepted a position through another agency or otherwise unavailable for employment.

6. Applicant holds free and harmless for any breaches of the employment agreement between the applicant and employer. Agency is solely a referral service and is not a part of the agreement between the applicant and the employer.

I hereby state that I am legally entitled to work in the United States and that I am either a citizen, resident legal alien or possess employment authorization from the INS (Immigration Naturalization Service).

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